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Description:Reproduces the effects of sunlight, rain and dew. Tests materials by exposing them to alternating cycles of light and moisture and controlled, elevated temperatures. Simulates the effect of sunlight with fluorescent ultra violet lamps, simulating rain and dew with condensing humidity. 8 UV lamp positions and 11 specimen holders 75 x 300mm (3 x 12in) and 46 alum panels 75 x 150mm (3 x 6in). Touch screen display and control panel, irradiance control, calibration devices and lamps extra
Item No. SG-F15
Lamp Xenon Lamp (Automatic compensating )
Turntable Speed 5r/min
Humidity Range 15%RH-85%RH ±5%
Max Exposure area of Specimen 100×45mm
Power AC380 or others

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