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Accelerated Weathering Tester

Description:This tester is used in more labs throughout the world than any other accelerated weathering tester. In just a few days or weeks, it can reproduce damage that may occur over months or even years outdoors. This tester is cost effective, easy to install, easy to use, and practically maintenance free. Four models and several choice of lamps are available to cover a range of testing needs and budgets.
Item No. SG-H03UV2
UV Irradiation Yes
Light Control optional
Light Adjusting optional
UV Lamp UV lamp
UV Temperature Room+10℃~70℃
Water Consume 7L/day
Testing Capacity 40pcs
Demension 137×53×135cm
Weight 136kg
Power 230V, 50Hz , 9A , 1800W(Max)

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