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Plug and socket switch life test machine

Description:Accord GB2099.1-96, GB16915.1-97, IEC884-1 the corresponding provisions of the requirements , and electrical load control with , do the electrical plug and socket life test ; request for additional fixtures can do pull switch / dial Board Switch / down board Switch / self- bomb button switch electrical life test.
Item No. SG-D02A
试验速率 15行程/分,30行程/分
工位 2个(可选)
计数器 0~999999次可调
实验周期时间 0~99秒可调
接通时间 0~99.9秒(分)可调
气源 4~6kg/cm2
体积 64*35*33cm
重量 135KG
电源 AC 220V /2A/50HZ

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