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Description:It was used to test unvulcanized raw and compounded rubber viscosity¡¢scorch and vulcanized index,etc.Controled by computer,show data auto-adjust.It is a perfect test instrument in rubber industry and scientific research. It uses intelligent digital display temperature controller import, adjust and set easily. Microcomputer is equipped by CMOS chip import.The dependability is high. All data can be calculated and printed automatically.Base on the up-to-the-minute principium,we adopts "main frame£«computer£«typewriter"structure which computer-controled,collecting data,storing¡¢dealing with and printing the test result and curve .The software editions are windows98/me/NT/XP,etc.The Display Window of measure deals with the date much truly and operate much easily¡¢flexibly and conveniently.It is a dependable and automatization product.
Item No. SG-S05C

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